About Us

About costack

In the childhood memories of every cook, there’s a large kitchen, a warm stove, a simmering pot, a parent and genuinely tasty spices!

Costack Spices products are a combination of ingredients which contain immense health benefits and Rich in antioxidant properties, See article with one of the key ingredients

At Costack spices, we are way ahead in the race of satisfying our customers with the best food spices and our growth rate clearly shows that. Not only have we demonstrated consistency in terms of our quality and stellar market reputation, you will never catch us dwelling on past glories. For we continuously seek for new ways to make our products even better than its last version.

Costack Spices was Registered in 2014 and has steadily expanded to clientele around the world. From the United Kingdom to Africa and the rest of the world. Our expansion is due to customer satisfaction and a stellar product.

Some of our current product range under the Costack Brand are: Curry Powder, Jollof rice seasoning, Fried Rice seasoning, Pepper Soup Mix seasoning, Garlic Powder, Cameroon Pepper, Thyme Leaves and Attieke. More products coming soon…

Our Value Propositions To Consumers

Affordable prices

Our products come in several packages of 5grams and 100grams sachets, 125grams, 272.16grams, 350grams, 300grams, 460grams all bottles and are made affordable for consumers

Best quality

Costack spices/products are quality sourced herbs and spices which have rich and natural constituents in them. Our products define flavours, taste and aroma and gives life to all kinds of food delicacies.

Varieties to choose from

As the best brands compete in a marketplace, the ultimate winners are the consumers that are constantly provided with a myriad of quality products like Costack spices in different affordable packaging to pick from.